Welcome to the next stage of evolution!

This is where you can find everything you need to know about Sled Dogs Snowskates. Hello again to all our dedicated snowskaters and greetings to all you lucky, soon-to-be snowskaters: this is your first step on an adventure in snow-filled fun! You won’t look back!

How do you master your dogs?

Sled Dogs are bred for the snow and are super-easy to learn! Because Sled Dogs Snowskates are light and agile, momentum and turning come naturally and it’s really easy to correct yourself – so you can progress quickly! With increased confidence and practice, you can step up your speed, take on harder slopes, and eventually throw in jumps, spins, and even somersaults!

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Top Dogs

Some of our most seriously infected Snowskaters! Our pro-snowskaters come from very different sporting backgrounds, proving nobody is immune to the highly-contagious adrenaline fever of Sled Dogs Snowskates. Serious infection can lead to abnormal behaviour and crazy stunts!

Like the Snowskates?

We have a range of styles to suit everybody: all-round users, girls and guys, and advanced snowskaters. We also have a razor-sharp limited-edition model for the epicures out there!

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How do you stop?

We’d all like a slope that lasts forever, but the reality is you’re going to need to put the brakes on sooner or later! You also need to be aware of other users when sharing a slope. The good news is that stopping your dogs is easy!

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