Sleddogs Snowskates
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Welcome to the next stage of evolution!

This is where you can find everything you need to know about Sled Dogs Snowskates. Hello again to all our dedicated snowskaters and greetings to all you lucky, soon-to-be snowskaters: this is your first step on an adventure in snow-filled fun! You won’t look back!

If you are…

a beginner...

or totally new to snow?

Sled Dogs Snowskates are perfect for you because it is easy and fast to learn, extremely compact. All you need is a pair of snowskates, no skis or poles or bindings, just some snow! The basic concern for beginners is to feel in control and be safe. Immediately upon trying Sled Dogs Snowskates, beginners realize the freedom of movement.

Don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself!

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an iceskater or hockey player...

Sled Dogs Snowskates are skates on snow. Experienced ice-skaters who have worked with us in development, say that Sled Dogs are excellent for complementing beginners’ ice-skating training, or refining striding technique in experienced ice-skaters. The snow will highlight your mistakes (and cushion your falls!) if you put too much weight on the toe of the skate.

Don’t just take our word for it. Try it yourself!

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an inline skater...

Sled Dogs Snowskates are inline skates on snow. Experienced inliners who have worked with us in development say that training with Sled Dogs Snowskates (as well opening up a world of winter fun for Inliners) improves technique, fitness, and confidence – which together deliver a step-up in performance when switching back to wheels!

Don’t just take our word for it. Try it yourself!

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a figure skater...

Top level figure skaters say that Sled Dogs gives them a new training ground, which is much more forgiving than ice. You can skate down ski slopes with plenty of momentum. The Snowskates makes it easier to do tricks, since the bases under the skates are very short, similar to figure skates.

Don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself!

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a skier or a snowboarder...

Looking for something new?

In our team there are snowboarders and even a previous Nordic champion skier who just loves his snowskates and even can go downhill up to 111Kph (69Mph)! Sometimes we grab our boards and skis to have some powder fun when there is plenty of fresh snow or to go off piste. Sled Dogs are most fun when it is compact and groomed. It gives a new and different experience in the slope.

Don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself!

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How do you master your dogs?

Sled Dogs are bred for the snow and are super-easy to learn! Because Sled Dogs Snowskates are light and agile, momentum and turning come naturally and it’s really easy to correct yourself – so you can progress quickly! With increased confidence and practice, you can step up your speed, take on harder slopes, and eventually throw in jumps, spins, and even somersaults!

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Top Dogs

Some of our most seriously infected Snowskaters! Our pro-snowskaters come from very different sporting backgrounds, proving nobody is immune to the highly-contagious adrenaline fever of Sled Dogs Snowskates. Serious infection can lead to abnormal behaviour and crazy stunts!

Like the Snowskates?

We have a range of styles to suit everybody: all-round users, girls and guys, and advanced snowskaters. We also have a razor-sharp limited-edition model for the epicures out there!
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How do you stop?

We’d all like a slope that lasts forever, but the reality is you’re going to need to put the brakes on sooner or later! You also need to be aware of other users when sharing a slope. The good news is that stopping your dogs is easy!

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