{"congratulations":"The application is running correctly!","developer":["============","You should check the middleware.php config file to see the DefaultResponseMiddleware being loaded","This middleware is supplying this response.","============","It would be recommended to change it from the defaultResponse to with(ResponseInterface)","and supply a response that should be given if the incoming request cant be handled."," - For example, a 404 Response with a json body of 'Not Found'","============","Next is to install the components you want..."],"components":{"magneds\/route":"Handles routing and provides another middleware that you would load before this one","magneds\/stack":"Out Loyalty Platform Component.","magneds\/user":"For all our User requirements","magneds\/user-credentials":"If we are storing user login information","magneds\/oauth2-server":"To have this application be an OAuth2 Server","magneds\/oauth2-credentials":"To enable the Password Grant for use the stored credentials","magneds\/oauth2-client":"To access other OAuth2 Providers","other\/components":"....and many more. Refer to the https:\/\/armoury.magneds.com\/php"}}